Free Dental Care

Dentistry from the Heart

Free extractions, fillings and cleanings for adults 18 years old and older at Dentistry from the Heart events in all states except Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada.

Eva’s Village

(Paterson, New Jersey)

Free emergency and preventive care, diagnosis and restoration, root canals, partial and complete dentures, and oral surgery.

Friends of Man


Friends of Man runs a dental program for Colorado residents: working adults or those with a strong work history, children, and people waiting for organ transplants. For working adults, Friends of Man assists with full or partial dentures, extractions, and fillings. For non- working adults with a strong work history, Friends of Man will only  assist with full dentures or extractions. Friends of Man does not assist with crowns, implants, bridges, root canals, x-rays or exams.

Give Kids a Smile

(St. Louis, Missouri)

Free biannual clinics in October and February at St. Louis University for school-age children who are living at  or below federal poverty level (based on Medicaid eligibility and free and/or reduced lunch). Children receive oral exam, necessary X-rays, cleaning and fluoride treatment, as well as any necessary fillings or extractions.

Smiles for Survivors

(Breast Cancer, Nevada)

Free preventative and restorative dental treatment for breast cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy, reside in Nevada, and are United States citizens.