Free Medical Supplies and Equipment

All4One Alliance

(Breast Cancer Patients/Survivors, Post-Mastectomy and/or Lymphedema)

Financial assistance for breast prosthesis and post breast surgery garments, $50 discount for lymphedema compression garments, free Lymphediva compression sleeve and gauntlet.

Berrien County Cancer Service

For cancer patients residing in Berrien County, Michigan. Medical supplies provided at cost, medical equipment loaned for free. Some medical supplies, such as wigs and prostheses are available for free loan.

Cancer Care Services

For cancer patients residing in Tarrant, Hood and Parker Counties, Texas. Monthly allowance for medical supplies. Limited medical supplies available for free and/or loan.  Medical equipment available for loan.

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Cancer Patient Services

Free medical supplies and equipment for  cancer patients residing or working in Hancock County, Ohio.


Cancer Services Online

 Free loan closet for medical supplies and equipment for cancer patients residing in North Carolina.


Cancer Support Community

Free medical supplies for cancer patients who meet financial eligibility requirements and reside in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County,  Franklin County, Lincoln County or Warren County in Missouri; Madison, Monroe or St. Clair Counties in Illinois or come to the St. Louis Metro area for treatment.


Crickett’s Answer for Cancer

(Female Breast Cancer Patients Only) np-pam

Free mastectomy bra, foam prosthesis, lymphedema compression sleeves and gauntlets for female breast cancer patients.

Friends of Man

Free medical equipment and prostheses. Referring professional must contact Friends of Man and complete application on behalf of patient. Payment is made directly to vendors.

Mercy Memorial Cancer Connection

Free or low cost medical supplies and equipment available for cancer patients residing in Monroe County, Michigan.

Necessities Bag

(Mastectomy Patients Only)

Free medical supplies for mastectomy patients, distributed to affiliated medical centers for direct distribution to mastectomy patients. Necessities Bag distributes directly to affiliated medical centers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Affiliates in other states provide the Necessities Bag to their local medical centers.