Breast Cancer Financial Assistance


The Breast Cancer Charities “Help Now Fund”

Assistance Provided:         Financial assistance for breast cancer patients in need of financial assistance for rent and utility bills. Maximum of $500 per person, per year.

Application Process:   Applications are available on-line. Application must be completed by breast cancer patient and hospital staff. Hospital staff must submit application. Application period is open from the 1st through 15th of each month. Application period closes at 4:00 PM CST on the 15th of every month.


Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation

Assistance Provided: Financial assistance for medical expenses

Eligibility Requirements: Female breast cancer patients under age 30 and show financial need based on income eligibility.


My Hope Chest 

(Currently has national wait list)

Assistance Provided:   Financial assistance for breast reconstruction for uninsured and low-income women

Eligibility Requirements:   US citizen or US legal resident, 69 years or under, free of medical complications that would negatively interfere with safe surgery, and show financial need through lack of insurance, non-eligibility for Medicaid, income that is too low to support patient paying for her own care, and/or financial hardship/exceptional circumstances

Application Process:   Application consists of a 1 page on-line application and a downloadable agreement form to be mailed in with supporting documents.

The Pink Fund

Assistance Provided:     Short-term financial assistance for breast cancer patients in active treatment. Assistance is limited to: the following expenses to the maintenance of a health insurance premiums, mortgage or rent payment,  car or vehicle lease payment, utility payments, car insurance payments, or license plate tabs.

Eligibility Requirements:  Breast cancer patients must have been employed prior to diagnosis and/or treatment and have lost their job or taken medical leave as a result of diagnosis or treatment (i.e. not collecting income). However, breast cancer patients who are working part-time or receiving disability from their employer may qualify for assistance.

Tiger Lily Foundation 

Assistance Provided:    Financial aid of up to $500 per applicant, per year.

Eligibility Requirements:     Breast cancer patients who are under age 40 at time of diagnosis and show financial need based on income eligibility.

Application Process:    Fax in completed application with copies of bills and medical or pathology report.  Doctor’s letter regarding diagnosis is required. The waiting period for funds is about 90 days.


Breast Cancer & State- Specific Financial Assistance


Breast Cancer Angels 

(Southern California Only)

Assistance Provided: A range of financial assistance for breast cancer patients in active treatment, such as co-payments, second opinions, and housing costs.

Eligibility Requirements: Breast cancer patients in active treatment in Southern California only.


Breast Cancer Emergency Fund 

(Northern California Only)

Assistance Provided: Emergency financial assistance to low-income breast cancer patients for uninsured medical, utility, or housing expenses. Maximum of $600 for basic living expenses or $1,000 for medical expenses.

Eligibility Requirements: Patients must reside in  San Francisco, San Mateo, or Santa Clara Counties and be  in active treatment for breast cancer. Patients must have a monthly individual net  income of $2,000.00.

Application Process: When applicant contacts BCEF, he or she must provide: photo identification, letter of diagnosis, current proof of income (bank statements, pay stubs, Social Security or disability benefits), and bills.


Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Emergency Assistance Funds

(Twin Cities Metro area, Minnesota)

Assistance Provided: Emergency assistance for female breast cancer patients for rent, utility, and transportation expenses.

Eligibility Requirements: Patients must reside in Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota and be in active treatment for breast cancer.

New York

Miles of Hope

(Hudson Valley, NY)

Assistance Provided: Financial assistance is available for:

1. Medical Gap Care Fund: Costs and emergency expenses not covered by health insurance

2. Complementary Medicine: Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, music therapy, art therapy, exercise, dance, yoga

Eligibility Requirements: Breast cancer patients must reside in Hudson Valley region of New York.


Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation

                                                                                                  (Delaware Valley/Poconos, Pennsylvania Residents only)

Assistance Provided:    Financial assistance for non-medical expenses.

Eligibility Requirements:     Female breast cancer patients in active treatment, residing in the Delaware Valley or the Poconos.


Pink Ribbon Riders

 (Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York (no NYC or L.I. residents), Wisconsin, and Wyoming residents only)

Assistance Provided: $500 gift card for eligible breast cancer patients. Breast cancer patients may apply once a year, up to two years total.

Eligibility Requirements: US citizen breast cancer patients in active treatment who reside in CO, MI, MN, ND, NY (no NYC or L.I. residents), WI, WY.

Application Process:    2 part procedure:

1. Part 1 (on-line form)

2. Part 2 (downloaded form) of the application to be mailed to Pink Ribbon Riders  with copies of the following supporting documents:

a. Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport (Proof of US Citizenship)

b. Copy of Drivers License or State Identification Card

c. A copy of your current income tax return (page 1) or other proof of household income.

d. Copy of a medical bill related to your breast cancer treatment.

e.   A letterhead signed by treating doctor advising you are currently in treatment for breast cancer.  The letterhead must be an original             signature by the doctor, not a copy or fax copy.