Brain Tumors Financial Assistance

The Butterfly Fund

Assistance Provided: Financial assistance for day-to-day expenses and not covered by health insurance. Generally, cable, credit card, and medical bills are NOT eligible expenses. Payments are made directly to the creditor.

Eligibility Requirements: Families of children and young adults with brain tumors or spinal cord tumors with financial need due to brain tumor diagnosis. Patient must be receiving treatment at one of the medical center listed on Brain Tumor Kids’ website.

Application Process: Family must apply through a hospital social worker or other medical professional.


Mission 4 Maureen

Assistance Provided:    Financial assistance is available for medical bills, child care, housing payments, utility bills, transportation, and medication for adult brain tumor patient (over 18) or pediatric brain tumor patient (17 and under). Payments are made directly to the creditor.

Application Process: Patient or family member must complete and submit an electronic application. Also, patient must upload a digital photo and a copy of pathology/MRI report.

Michael Quinlan Brain Tumor Foundation

(Kentucky, Indiana)

Assistance Provided:    Financial assistance for brain tumor patients residing in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. For more information e-mail Eddie Reynolds at

Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation


Assistance Provided:    Financial assistance for brain and central nervous system tumor patients in Oklahoma with financial need.  Financial assistance can be used for day-to-day expenses or medical expenses.

Application Process: Applicant must complete On-line Family Needs Assessment Form and schedule a Family Needs Assessment.